The school welcomes pupils aged 4 – 18 years old.

We have two terms each year.

The first runs September to mid-January, the second from January– May.

The school provides a wide range of exercises, activities and games to aid the pupils’ personal development in all aspects of speech and drama.

Throughout the year, pupils are offered the opportunity to be involved in - Royal Irish Academy exams and The Feis Maitiu Competitions together with their class work which, undoubtedly, enhances their self confidence. The pupil can decide the level of involvement best suited to their personal wishes. Auditions are an option when the students meet the brief set out by the Casting Director.

Feis Maitiu:

The programme for Feis Maitiu is very comprehensive, including: Improvisation, Dramatic Text, Poetry, Mime, Storytelling, Solo Drama, Duologue Drama and Shakespeare. Competitors may also enter the bursary Championship cups.

We encourage the students to enter the Feis, because of the opportunity to perform on a stage in front of a live audience and the confidence it builds. Winning is merely a bonus.

Royal Irish Academy:

Royal Irish Academy Exams involve a one-on-one assessment of the students; this can include poetry, mime, storytelling, drama selection, sight reading and theory. This is an opportunity to present their work in a more personal environment which is perhaps not as daunting as a public performance in the Feis. / THE SYLLABUS