The Agency

The Young People’s Theatre Agency is based in Rathfarnham, Dublin. The Agency has evolved and developed over the past 40 years and represents current students of the school ranging in age from 5 – 18.

While providing training in all areas of film, theatre and television performance, the school aims to develop and enhance the natural talents and abilities of the students. This has been noted by the many production companies and casting agents with whom the students have worked.

Over the past number of years, students have been involved in over 100 professional theatre productions at The Abbey/Peacock, Andrews Lane, Ark, Druid, Focus, Gaiety, Gate, Olympia, Project and Tivoli Theatres. Our pupils have also taken part in over 50 films, 30 TV series, 20 radio plays, innumerable TV commercials and voice over work for animated film productions and radio commercials. / The Agency