Who has appeared on television?

February 19th, 2010

Bel’s Boys ITV (Endemol) Allanah Sculy
Den Talent Search, Den TV RTE    

Aoibheann Reddy (winner)    

Fair City






Lauren Murphy, Andrew Whelan, Alan McMahon, Aoibheann Reddy, Niall O’Shea Katie Cullen, Lynn Styles, Jade Yourell, Fiona Sinnott and Christopher Lawlor     

Legend RTE (Icebox Films) Katie Whelan
Malice Aforethought Granada Tom Kelly
Maru TG4 Katie Whelan
Painting with Don Conroy RTE   

Aoibheann Reddy and Mathew O’Sullivan
Prank It Up, Den TV






Ruairi Gallagher,
Diarmaid Gallagher,
Katie Keogh and
Dearbhla Keogh     

The Café RTE Katie Cullen    

The Clinic






Ellen O’Rahilly, Cal Kenealy, Sophie Jo Wasson, Siobhan Cullen, Toni O’Rourke, Kevin Joyce, Sarah Bolger, Sam McArdle, Oisin Donnelly, Paul Harris and Katie Keogh     

The Helpless Spider

Candid Camera






Sam Ford

Conor Doyle,Kevin Joyce,Emma Canning and Sarah Elliot



The Roaring Twenties   


Ciaran Gallagher, Diarmuid Gallagher and Sheenagh Walshe    

The Tudors



Maple Films



Sarah Bolger, Princess Mary-daughter of Henry 8th, Ciara Farrell- daughter of Aske. Sheena Walshe, Shannon Walshe,  Louise O’Halloran, Andrew Whelan, Hugh MacDonagh, Johnny Brennan, Blanaid McKeown, Eabha McKeown Kerrie O’Sullivan, Sean O’Flanagan, Kevin McMahon and Muirin O’Donoghue

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